Inauguration Date:

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


in Madrid

Main Details:

Initially it will be available from MONDAY to FRIDAY (except holidays) from 10am to 5pm.

Service Usage via phone: Before initiating your vehicle reservation, you have to call the commercial office of Bluemove to purchase the service.

The payment of the service will be done upon request.

Once your ONE-WAY service is confirmed by the Bluemove Team, you can proceed to enjoy the service.

With the service you won’t have to bring back your vehicle to its initial parking space, you will be able to drop it off in any street of the center of Madrid (any street with legal parking inside the perimeter of the M-30, the circular highway that encircles the city of Madrid), leaving the car with a parking ticket of at least 60 minutes (both Blue or Green tickets are ok).

Once you have introduced the parking ticket into the vehicle, you will only have to close your vehicle in the exact same way you would of you were leaving it back in its point of origin, using your Bluecard or the App.

Drop-off confirmation: Finally, you just have to call Bluemove to confirm you’ve ended your ONE-WAY service. After that you can just forget about the car!

Area of Drop-Off: Any street with legal parking space inside the M-30 highway perimeter of the City of Madrid.

Service Cost:


Additional Details:

Usage of service with vehicle in the airport - €15.

In the following weeks new tech functionalities will be launched to be able to use the service and confirm the drop-off in the street with the App.

The hours of availability of the service may increase if the community of Bluemovers demands it.