Try Carsharing for just
€2 per hour

Why spend €15,000 on a car, when you can spend €2 per hour plus €0,25 per kilometer? Bluemove stands for saving. Carsharing offers an alternative to owning a car, since it eliminates the fixed costs involved in purchase, insurance, maintenance... and the expenses become variable, paying only for what you use.

Your car
within 400 meters

Bluemove cars are distributed throughout the centers of Madrid and Barcelona. You're sure to have a car within 400 meters. In this way, the service adapts perfectly to your needs. Don't give up the experience of having your own car.

Book in 3 clicks:
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

The Bluemove service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Whenever you need a car by the hour, find and book it using your app, with the click of a button. Avoid endless paperwork and tedious procedures. With Bluemove, you'll be on the road in five minutes.

Is Sustainable

One shared car eliminates up to 20 private cars.
The urban space which could be freed up is enormous. Did you know that for each Bluemove car, we could build a park? Be sustainable, and support a different kind of economy - a more responsible and rational one. The means are within our reach: cycling, public transport, taxis, carsharing or taking a walk.

A Vehicle
For Every Occasion

Small and large cars; family cars or vans; hybrid vehicles and 100 % electric ones...
At Bluemove, we want to adapt to your needs. If you get around using public transport, but need a van for moving, want a car for travelling in, or have to attend meetings for work, then carsharing is for you.