Bluemove's aim is none other than to provide individuals and businesses with a way to get savings and sustainability during their travels, so as to contribute to the improvement of their environment - all this without ever having to give up the convenience of having car. The challenge wasn't easy, but someone had to do it. Why not us?


Since then, growth has been slow but steady. Gradually, we seek more and more to reduce the number of cars on our roads, improve the air we breathe, and reclaim public space.

In 2013 Cochele, the only hourly car rental company in Seville, was integrated into Bluemove, making it the first Spanish carsharing company to operate in more than one city. This move led to the formation of yet another new sector, but one full of potential.

Track Record

In recent years, Bluemove has also seen its fleet expand, offering increasingly better and more varied services. This growth has been marked by technological development, which has become one of our main distinctions and strongest virtues.

Several awards and recognitions have expressed support for this course, such as the one received in 2014 from the Emprendeverde Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment.